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Can I Shower My Dog With Parvo?

Searching for a credible answer to the question “can I shower my dog with parvo” will significantly help you protect and care for your dogs. This is most reliable, especially when you do not know about this disease.

It is not a good idea to take action without knowing if it’ll be okay or if it will only expose your dog to harm. If ever you got it wrong, there are lots of possible consequences that your dog might face. No pet parent would want that, so it would be better if you were responsible for fully protecting your lovely dog. 

Just a quick reminder — dogs are like humans, meaning their life is just as essential. Continue reading other portions of this article to find out whether you can shower your dog with parvo or not.

Cleaning Dogs With Parvo

A dog can suffer from a severe infection during parvo, especially in its gastrointestinal tract. This is too dangerous since dogs would be weak due to non-stop vomiting and diarrhea. When this happens, they become dehydrated, and the illness becomes severe as time goes by. 

Since dogs will be dealing with these symptoms, it is normal for them to get dirty. As a pet owner, you might be eager to remove your dogs’ dirt by bathing them immediately. However, there are specific concerns that you have to deal with.

When dogs grow weak because of parvo, they may also develop a weakened resistance to cold temperatures. This condition may lead to hypothermia.

Please remember that you cannot expose your parvo-infected dogs to the water. If you’re constantly asking yourself, “can I shower my dog with parvo,” the answer is no, especially when it is experiencing severe symptoms.

You may notice that your dog will be very sick to the point that he cannot play and stand up. It won’t do good if you force them to take a shower; you may even worsen the situation and expose them to other diseases.

Alternative Way To Clean Your Dog

If your dog is not yet allowed to have his bath while dealing with parvovirus, you must take alternative action. You can consider taking a wet cloth and starting to wipe the areas that need cleaning. This is a better idea to make them feel refreshed and prevent them from being cold.

Things You Need

  • Slicker brush
  • Shampoo
  • Dryer
  • Towel
  • Cloth

Once you have collected these, you can start with the procedure. Continue reading and take note of the tips listed below while cleaning your parvo-infected dogs. 

1. Focus On The Soiled Areas

A dog that is already weak due to its condition is not recommended to be entirely exposed to water. However, they cannot avoid being dirty due to vomiting and diarrhea. When this happens, you can concentrate on the soiled areas.

Make sure to separate the dirty hair so you can easily distinguish where you should focus. If possible, brush it away from the clean hair.

2. Get A Wet Cloth

Once you have already separated the dirty hair, get a towel and make it wet. Remember to use warm water so the dog will not get cold.

It would be best if you also ensured that the water is not too much. Remember that dogs are still not recommended to get completely wet, so you must be careful.

3. Clean The Soiled Areas

Gently wipe your dog’s fur with a warm wet cloth. Once again, focus on the soiled areas or those with vomit and feces.

You will notice that this part is challenging, especially when the dirt is already stuck to your dog’s fur. If the warm wet cloth does not work, you can consider wearing latex gloves to pull them off. Do not forget to add dog shampoo and gently scrub it to the delicate areas.

4. Rinse It Off And Dry

After cleaning the dirty areas, rinse the shampoo using a warm wet cloth. After you get rid of the residue, dry your dogs using a soft towel and place them in a warm place. It would help them to feel the heat thoroughly.

You can also consider drying them using a blow dryer, but you should be careful and guarantee that it’s in a warm setting.


Finding the correct answer to the question “can I shower my dog with parvo” is beneficial. It can help you identify what’s best for your dog and what’s not. Remember that this simple thing is significant for you to save your pups from further complications.

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